The Great American Wheat Harvest - K12/Public Library

$ 125.00

The Great American Wheat Harvest is a documentary film that tells the story of hard-working American Families who spend each summer traveling from Texas to the Canadian border and beyond, harvesting thousands of acres of wheat. They take risks most of us wouldn't dream of taking so that all of us have an abundance of food on our tables. 

Battling high fuel prices, labor shortages, uncooperative weather, severe drought, and occasionally a fire, these harvesting crews wouldn’t dream of doing anything else because they know they are harvesting the wheat that feeds the world. This story is dramatic as well as inspiring as it shares the challenges that are now threatening that way of life passed on from generation from generation. Much has changed and from a historical perspective it is important to document the lifestyle and heritage before it is lost.

How many folks truly 
understand how, where, and what it takes to get that loaf of bread into the market shelves and on to the table? With rising industry costs, technological advances and production methods, new threats face our nation’s agricultural producers everyday directly impacting our nation’s supply. The Great American Wheat Harvest Movie is the behind-the-scenes look and tribute to those working daily to produce our food and those gathering the harvest. 

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