Other People's Children

$ 99.00

There are thousands of women in New York City taking care of other people's children. Everyday they arrive at households prepared to pick up where moms leave off. They're on the playground, at the park, in preschool lobbies with arms outstretched. They work long hours with no benefits to keep kids safe and parents happy. Although these women form the invisible backbone of New York City's economy, their stories are seldom told. Other People's Children is an intimate, eye-opening look at the lives of three immigrant women working as nannies in New York City. The challenges they face are as diverse as their stories. From communication mishaps to workplace injustice, missing their kids to immigration problems, each of them has a different perspective on the world of domestic work. But they share the same hope as millions of other immigrants in America - to provide a better future for themselves and their families.

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