Music By Prudence

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In Zimbabwe, where disabled babies are often killed at birth, Prudence not only survives but achieves social acceptance. In this Oscar winning film, follow the story of how Prudence and a band of people with disabilities triumph over seemingly insurmountable odds.

It was only a few years ago that Liyana was born – as a class project. Even with the challenge of working in teams, in barely an hour, Liyana had produced four great tunes. From the start they had a special knack for communicating musically through various subjects and musical styles, including gospel, reggae, and traditional Shona music.

The band is fronted by Prudence Mabhena. Other members specialize in marimbas, African drums, shakers, keyboard, and piano. With lyrics in five different languages, Liyana’s ‘Afro-fusion’ music is reflective of our interconnected world, where many find that our connections are greater than our divisions.

In 2006, LIYANA won the Crossroads Africa Inter-regional Music Festival in Mozambique and went on to tour Sweden, The Netherlands, and Belgium. They also went on an American tour in 2009.

These days, as with most bands, the members move forward with their individual lives. Some of them are applying for university; Prudence travels the world; Vusani is now becoming an artist in South Africa. But occasionally they still perform together: they recently gave a concert in their hometown of Bulawayo on World Disability Day.

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