Jesus Town USA

$ 250.00

For 88 years, a small Oklahoma town has pantomimed a passion play on a bizarre reproduction of Jerusalem built into the Wichita foothills. Jesus Town USA is a light-hearted and comedic documentary chronicling the journey of a 100-strong amateur cast, a dozen horses, and very devout community. Once boasting audiences of over 200,000. the Pageant now struggles to find any audience at all. When the man playing Jesus for 8 years retires, his replacement, a long-standing member of the cast, has a secret he is hiding from everyone. The journey from casting to opening night is a real-life "Waiting for Guffman" set in the heart of Oklahoma. With endearing characters, quirky humor, and stunning cinematography, "Jesus Town USA" documents a town grappling with questions of tradition, legacy, and what it means to be a community.