Going Attractions

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GOING ATTRACTIONS is the definitive story of the drive-in movie.  A product of post World War II optimism, the drive-in movie theater emerged as the perfect blend of entertainment and car culture.  Fueled by the baby boom, drive-ins became an integral part of the American teenage experience.  
But in the late 60s, the culture changed drastically in the United States, sending the drive-in business into a downward spiral for almost three decades with successive blows from political and economic conditions and new inventions like the multi-plex and home video.  

In light of the recent resurgence of drive-in theaters, GOING ATTRACTIONS studies the factors that affected the drive-in’s dramatic rise, decline and rebirth, and examining how American culture and family have evolved in the last 60 years.

Balancing new, original footage with archival photos, quick-cut storytelling style, layered imagery and modern graphics, GOING ATTRACTIONs features interviews with over 20 film historians, drive-in theatre owners, and cinephiles, including:
  • Roger Corman, director, "The Little Shop of Horrors." Author, "How I Made a Hundred Movies in Hollywood and Never Lost a Dime"
  • Patricia King Hanson, film historian, American Film Institute. Author, "Lights, Camera, Action!: A History Of The Movies In The Twentieth Century"
  • Richard M. Hollingshead III, son of the inventor of the Drive-in movie theater
  • Dr. Karen Sternheimer, Professor of Sociology, University of Southern California. Author, "Connecting Social Problems and Popular Culture: Why Media is Not the Answer." Contributor, The Huffington Post.
  • Jennifer Sherer Janisch, Co-Founder, www.drive-ins.com, the largest website and database for drive-in fans    
  • Dennis Cozzalio, Southern California Drive-in Movie Society
  • D. Edward Vogel, Owner, Bengie's Drive-in, Middle River, MD
  • Wes Neal, Owner, Boulevard Drive-in, Kansas City, KS
  • Mark Lovato, Owner, Mesa Drive-in, Boulder, CO
  • Tony Troidl, Save the Grandview, Drive-in Activist

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