George Tice

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Subjects: American StudiesBiographyDocumentaryArt History, Photography


Long recognized for his deeply penetrating photographic record of America, George Tice works in the urban tradition of artists such as Edward Hopper and Walker Evans. From his home and studio in New Jersey, Tice shares his life and work spanning six decades and eighteen book projects in GEORGE TICE: SEEING BEYOND THE MOMENT, leading us through the process of taking five new photographs, from location to darkroom to finished print. Featuring interviews with two of Tice’s daughters, leading authorities in photography today, and with Tice himself at the locales of some of his most famous images, including “Petit’s Mobil Station” and “Oak Tree.”

Interviewees include:
- A.D. Coleman (American photography critic and author, American Photo Magazine’s Top 100 People in Photography)
- Mary Sue Sweeney Price (Former Director, Newark Museum)
- David H. Lyman (Founder, Rockport College and Photographic Workshops International)
- James Danziger (Owner, James Danziger Gallery)
- and more...

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