Forced March

$ 199.00

Academy Award nominee Chris Sarandon (Dog Day Afternoon, The Princess Bride) stars as Ben Kline, a method actor desperate for a meaningful role to make him a movie star. When he sets out to play a hero who died in the Holocaust, he is forced to face the reality of those victimized by the war. In assuming the role of Hungarian-Jewish poet Miklos Radnoti, who left a notebook of harrowing writings from his ordeal, Ben finds the voice not of a hero, but rather one Jew who tried simply to survive against the rising tide, and now speaks to us from the grave. As he gets ever deeper into his role, he begins to merge with his character, blurring the boundaries of truth and illusion. And Ben's dilemma becomes how to act as Radnoti... as hero or victim... what legacy to leave in the minds of the audience. Because, for future generations, movies can become the truth.

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