Demon on Wheels

$ 199.00

Can love outrun a fast car? A former speed demon and rumrunner, now an aging mechanic in a sleepy Catskill Mountains town, risks it all — his health, his security, even the love of his life — when he vows to restore and race the prized car of his wild youth, a 1968 Ford Mustang that’s been hidden away for 35 years. Now a self-described “old man in an old car,” Mike Ondish wants to chase racing glory one last time, hoping to rekindle the spark in his relationship, and rediscover the thrill of a fast car and the wide-open road. But will his quest to restore the car, bolt by bolt, as a tribute to Carroll Shelby (the racing legend who gave the Mustang its muscle) restore him?

Or will a love triangle between Mike, his girlfriend Martha and the Demon lead him to crash and burn?

Genres: Documentary, Automotives, Machine,Romance, Psychology 
Director: Christina Eliopoulos
Runtime: 88 min.

DVDCat#: PRDVD3155
Prebook: 2/23/2016
Street: 3/22/2016
SRP: $49.95 

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