Connected by Coffee

$ 275.00

Connected By Coffee tells the story of Latin American coffee farmers and how our daily brew is deeply connected to the region's troubled past and hopeful future. Following a 1000-mile journey from Mexico to Nicaragua, the film shows how equitable trading relationships are helping empower communities and take a step towards social justice. 

On every step of the film’s journey we see the indomitable spirit of people who are determined to live joyfully in the face of economic, social, and environmental challenges. Some are soldiers who laid down their rifles to become farmers. 

Others are women who own and operate their own farms and have banded together to assist one another. Others are independent farmers who formed cooperatives that have improved the quality of their lives and have become important tools for social change. Throughout the journey we learn how every cup of coffee connects us in a very real way to the people who are most responsible for it: the growers themselves.