Citizen Stan

$ 98.00

This film by Patty Sharaf profiles Stanley Sheinbaum, "the most powerful man you've never heard of," according to the California Film institute. Told with the help of his friend, the journalist Robert Scheer, and narrated by Richard Dreyfuss, Citizen Stan recounts the life of a man who rose from humble New York beginnings to influence world politics as an activist and adviser.

When, as the leader of Michigan State University's Vietnam Project, he discovered that he was unwittingly working for the CIA, he began a campaign to expose the clandestine operation. He also helped to save the life of Greek Prime Minister Andres Papandreou, to organize the defense of Daniel Ellsberg during the Pentagon Papers trial, and to persuade Yassir Arafat to deliver a speech to the United Nations denouncing terrorism and recognizing the state of Israel.

His negotiating skills have put him in league with everyone from gang leaders to heads of state, and his story is nothing less than world history. 

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