Buried Above Ground (Public Performance Rights)

$ 250.00

What would you do if the worst thing that ever happened to you felt like it kept happening? BURIED ABOVE GROUND explores this question through the eyes of three post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) survivors. BURIED ABOVE GROUND goes on an inspirational journey with three people trying to recover from PTSD - Luis, an Iraq War veteran, along with his service dog, Tuesday; Erudina, a survivor of domestic violence; and, Ashley, an evacuee from Hurricane Katrina. BURIED ABOVE GROUND explores its subjects' lives over six years, gaining access to their home life, therapy sessions, and communities as they try to unburden themselves from the crippling lock of their past traumas. The personal battles fought by Luis, Ashley, and Erundina illuminate a global health condition that is misunderstood, underreported, and often left untreated.

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