After the Fall: HIV Grows Up

$ 149.00

Beginning in 1965, Nicolae Ceausescu came to power and established a neo-Stalinist police-state. He denied the existence of AIDS in Romania, and thus no HIV/AIDS treatment or prevention education was provided. Ceausescu's government eventually fell in 1989, but by then the damage had already been done, resulting in one of the largest pediatric AIDS epidemics in the world. After the Fall: HIV Grows Up is an intimate portrait of a group of Romanian young adults living with HIV and their efforts to integrate into society, marry, have families and embark on successful careers. They are heroes with inspiring stories that demonstrate triumph in the face of remarkable challenges. A story that challenges the true meaning of bravery, hope and perseverance, inspiring an audience to rise agains any odds and fight for fullness of life and dignity no matter the cost. In 1989, as communism fell across Eastern Europe, doctors and nurses in Romania discovered they were dealing with an epidemic of pediatric AIDS in their hospitals and institutions. Today, there are thousands of young adults living with HIV who need government and charity assistance in their battle with this disease. Unfortunately, discrimination against HIV positive people is still a fact of life, and funding for treatment is shrinking. After the Fall attempts to give a generation of those affected a voice and garner support for them and for the prevention of HIV in the future.

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