A Year in the Blue

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When the upperclassman yells, “GET OFF MY BUS”,  a small group of high school grads steps into the intimidating and intense new world of the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado. 

Under pressure from their cadet-officers, these high-achieving young men and women suddenly find themselves struggling to follow the simplest commands. They dreamed of becoming pilots and officers, but find themselves slogging through mud and barbed wire on the assault course, and chasing through the sweltering summer heat in combat exercises. Some want to drop out! Is there purpose behind the madness or is it just old-school military bravado? And what will it take to be accepted by their cadet-squadron?

Granted unprecedented access to life inside the Academy walls, A YEAR IN THE BLUE: INSIDE THE AIR FORCE ACADEMY is an intimate portrayal of the heartbreaks and triumphs of balancing military training, a rigorous four-year college education, mandatory athletics, and flying and parachuting, following the cadets from the dorms to Boot Camp, the Airfield to the Football Stadium, and to West Point and Alaska.

Featuring interviews with over 25 United States Air Force Academy cadets and graduates plus high-ranking military and air force officials, including:
  • CHRIS HOWARD, Rhodes Scholar, President, Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia, Helicopter Pilot
  • CHAD HENNINGS, Former defensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys, 3 Time Super Bowl Champion, A-10 Pilot, Persian Gulf Veteran
  • SID GUTIERREZ, Astronaut, Winner, NASA Outstanding Leadership Medal. International Space Hall of Fame Inductee. Director, Sandia National Laboratories.
  • HEATHER WILSON, First Woman Vice Wing Commander, Rhodes Scholar, Former Congress Member and director for European Defense Policy and Arms Control 
  • LT. COL. KY KOBAYASHI, Chief of Medical Staff Iraq, Chief of Orthopedic Surgery USAFA

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